Punter Chute Ball Alignment Zone and Stepping Guide for Punting


The Original Punter Chute is innovatively designed to properly guide punters from “start to finish” as they perform the entire kicking motion. Correct alignment is the key; and by positioning the ball on the proper course the punter prepares for a direct “step approach” toward the target.


Product Description

Beginning with a comfortable, relaxed, and balanced stance, the specific dimensions of the Punter Chute will guide the punter down a precise path that will improve “get off” times and maximize the result of the punt.

It is very important that the initial step, everything: steps, hips, shoulders, leg swing, punting foot, and follow-through should all be done in a direct line with the target and square to (facing) it. This “self-teaching” tool will guide the forward motion of the body in a direct line ensuring the generation of maximum power every step of the way!