Getting the Most from Your Special Teams Practice


Getting the Most from Your Special Teams Practice with Brian Schneider, Seattle Seahawks (NFL) Assistant Coach; former USC Assistant Coach (Special Teams); former UCLA Special Teams Coach. In 2005, while at UCLA, Schneider coached Maurice Jones-Drew, who led the nation in punt returns that year.

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Coach Schneider has been coaching special teams since he started coaching collegiate football at Colorado State in 1994. He coached eight all-conference special teams players in seven seasons at UCLA and Colorado State. Special teams is the one area of football that lacks the attention it deserves during the season. By utilizing the pre-practice routine Coach Schneider demonstrates in this DVD, you will be able to work with your long snappers, punters, kickers, kick returners, punt returners, and gunners. Schneider also uses the marker board to diagram drills for downing punts inside the five yard line, receiving sky punts, and various drills used for the middle, right, and left punt returns. Game footage shows how each of these drills will pay off on game day! 69 minutes. 2005.